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An eclectic artist, Ella Au is a Hong Kong-born artist bursting at the seams with artistic charisma.  From very early on she had a strong feeling that her life and work would be intertwined with the exuberant characteristics of art.  Through her personalized style of abstract paintings, her love of modern expressionism is presented in a chaotic yet poetic manner.


The philosophy is simple: tangibility and intangibility can be expressed through art.  Thanks to her encounters with numerous cultures, Au developed an insightful perception of aesthetics, expressing it in subtle diffusion in her paintings.

Having spent plenty of experiences in Europe, she exposed herself to numerous influences; namely, Italy, France, England, Germany, as well as the world-renowned ‘Academie de la Grande Chaumiere.’ Throughout these exquisite encounters of cultures, Au developed an insightful view of the perception of aesthetics; expressing it in a subtle diffusion in her paintings.

“Art is a condiment of life”—Au

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